Sunday, October 27, 2013

ReBoot: Back to Simple

My last post was a few days before my 51st birthday. Little did I know that the first half of my 51st year would be one of my most challenging years so far.  I had set out on my return to sewing with this dress/tunic, which is still unfinished due to unfolding events:
I was having surprising trouble with the way the dress hung and fit on me. Now, I knew I was out of practice but I didn't think I was that bad. Everything was fitting in general but it looked strange on me. It turns out there was a very good reason. I set the dress aside thinking the issue was perhaps the style that no longer flattered. In the midst of all of this I suddenly took a job at a local clothing store. For those who don't know, I live in a coastal town with a local population of about 735 full-time people that swells during the summer with visitors and vacation/second home owners. Our little clothing stores are able to make it by being unique and hard-working.
I joined a higher end women's clothing store. It was a fun job but also very tiring. I was constantly moving and on my feet all day along side the wonderful owners. Through all of this, my body was changing at an alarming pace. 
I went to the doctor and that started a chain of events which led me to having surgery to remove a very large benign tumor on my ovary in addition to the ovary itself. How large? They told me it was the size of a 5 month pregnancy! I lost 17 pounds overnight due to the surgery. Ugh! No wonder I was having such trouble getting this tunic to fit correctly. I have been recovering these last two months and am starting to finally feel solid. My small breasts are once again bigger than my belly and I can see my toes!
All this has been a bit stressful but thankfully I am able to recover and start again. I will say the biggest and hardest hit I have taken these past couple of months has been the loss of my beautiful 13 year old dog Twill to bone cancer.
I am sharing all of this for a couple of reasons, it affected my attempts at sewing and has pretty much forced me to rethink and restart my life, as these things will. I know I am not alone in this experience and I definitely know how fortunate I am.
So that is done. I am selectively picking up the pieces and getting my priorities realigned. I am back to painting, cooking healthy gluten-free vegan meals, and now, back to trying to fit in some desperately needed sewing! I decided to start simple and back to basics. Fall is here and the weather is getting chilly. I am a plein air painter and I am finding I already need some hand warmers when I am out painting on the beach so...Ta Da!!!
Of course, I used a fleece remnant I had on hand which is a little on the thick side but they fit, a little snug, but they will work. The snug fit also makes the seam pull over slightly. I will make more with the proper weight and stretch fleece in the future. What I have here is a finished sewing project. I feel better already! I did use a pattern:
The pattern and instructions were just fine but since the fleece I used was a bit too bulky I ended up snipping the thumb seam off and whip-stitching the raw edges together so it would fit smoother. I think the proper material will be perfect. I don't want them too loose as they would get into the paint.
I am thinking of sewing some fleece socks and some organic cotton underwear next.

I will work my way up to a fantastic, couture, art opening outfit someday!
Do you have a dream outfit or garment you want to sew?