Sunday, May 24, 2015

Moving Forward

Hello again! I am re-purposing this blog.  This post is going to be short but more will be coming. As you can see from the photo above, I have rebuilt my loom. Phoenix, the loom, again resides in my art studio. Since I paint outdoors most of the time, I figured I could spare the room.  I will be weaving again with a different purpose and direction than I have had in the past. This blog, named in honor of my dear dog Twill, will be for what comes off the loom, sewing machine, spinning wheel, or other fiber tools.

I have missed weaving and the fiber arts. Painting has been all consuming. It will still be mostly all consuming but I will be slowly weaving as well.

I am somewhat embarrassed to see that my last post was two years or so ago. It has been a long slow recovery to my previous blessing of full health but I am getting there. Time devoted to weaving and sewing has been sporadic.

This blog will be starting off slow. I am jumping back into weaving with a linen warp. That may or may not be a disaster! I am trying to use what I currently have on hand and will be weaving sauna facial towels for a local businesswoman and friend. At the moment, I have the warp spooled up and ready to get on the warp beam.

I have enjoyed being a rock climber in the past. When starting out, recovering momentum from a fall or  a rest while climbing, the climber informs her partner that she is "climbing". Her partner responds, when all is set, with "climb on!" Sometimes life in general feels like rock climbing, particularly in a creative life. So I will end this post with the following:

Weave On!