Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting Ready Getting Set

A happy Pfaff.
I took a much needed break from painting today and re-organized the sewing area of my studio. My sewing machine is a Pfaff Creative 1469. We bought it the first few months of our marriage in 1984 and we will be celebrating our 29th Anniversary this year! It was one of the first computerized machines Pfaff made and has an all metal body, which I really like. The one thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have the wonderful built in walking foot that nearly all the other Pfaff machines have. I like the machine, it has worked quite well although I did have to have the mother board replaced five years or so ago. If I was to buy another one, I would go with something not so fancy, just a sturdy work horse and not computerized. I don't need or use all the fancy stitches.
I had to do a bit of tinkering with the machine. The presser foot was sticking and wouldn't go down all the way or stay down. I tried shooting a bit of WD-40 where I could reach but it wasn't getting to where it was needed. So, I carefully unscrewed and removed the top and was able to get in there with a shot of carefully aimed WD-40. After working the presser foot up and down for a short bit it worked like a dream. I happily replaced the top and screws and she is ready to sew! (note: I only recommend doing this if you are brave and have experience with tools)
I also had a chance to organize some of my patterns (many of my older patterns are in a bin in the storage area of the garage). I was pleased to see many I can use, at least to get me started. I am a bit rusty in the sewing department. Fortunately, that college degree I mentioned was unusual in that we were required to take several quarters of sewing in addition to design and patternmaking. Not all schools do that, surprisingly.
Even though I have thinned out and greatly reduced much of my fiber and fabric stash, I have enough nice fabrics to make a solid wardrobe! It looks like the money outlay will be start with.
I own a dream of a professional iron which I will share when I figure out the best place to install it. There is a hint for you, it needs a teeny bit of installation. That is all I will say for now.
I looked through my books and it was like a reunion with dear old friends. I even found a pattern for making a very important half size dress form for designing on. The pattern is from Mary Roehr. I picked it up years ago at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA. I am not sure she sells them anymore.
This is kind of a longish post but I wanted to start properly at the beginning so I am going to also include my general wardrobe needs. I kid you not when I say all I have are a couple pair (as in 2) of jeans, about four long sleeve t-shirts, 4 fleece vests (thriftstore), a bit of rain gear that badly needs updating for protection, and that is about it except for a miscellaneous garment or two from the thriftstore and one or two pair of shorts and short sleeved t-shirts.
So here are my basic needs and a bit of very personal information. I am a petite 5' 2" with a long waist and an hour-glass figure. I have small breasts which makes it a bit easier to fit in a lot of designs. Designs with a bit of waist definition look the best on me and straight, tent like, and empire-waisted garments look dreadful on me.  The small stature with a long waist has caused no end of fitting problems in the ready-to-wear department.
I want to be comfortable too. I do not wear conventional bras, they are too painful for me. Fortunately with small breasts I can get away with it but I like my garments to be modest in that area.
I have a very active lifestyle. I walk the dog in all weather several times a day, everyday. I am out painting in rain, hail storms and squalls. I hike to painting areas with a heavy pack. I want to look nice but comfort and protection are equally important.
Most of my life is outdoor and casual but I also need something dressier for when I am minding a gallery or going to art show openings. I am also in a band, The Sedona Fire Band, which plays world-folk fusion and need fun and funky wear for that while playing the cello (yeah, the cello, not a lady-like position while playing).
Well, I think I have laid out my basic needs for now. I have a few ideas and am collecting visuals on my Pinterest board, which reminds me, I will be filling out the blog with more bells and whistles in the days to come.
So why all this information? This is some of the stuff I needed to know about a client when I did a very short stint sewing professionally. I will get more specific in the next post. It should be a good adventure!


Theresa said...

This may be a banner year for you to watch pattern sales R. Waist shaping with peplums (sp?) seems to be in. From flirty skirty fun ones to just a bit of shaping and I would imagine, since many are top and lower pieces, easy to adjust for that long waist. For everyday T-shirts in a woven,an almost impossible thing to find, do a search for Grainline Studio Scout T. It's downloadable and has a fantastic fit for this hard to find staple. Easy enough to do it in a knit too!
I'm just so excited to see you dusting off your Pfaff and getting ready to dig in, because I know it's going to be fun!

R. Delight said...

Thanks Theresa, will do the search. I head north to restock my pantry and get material to modify my dressform properly. Just about there and ready to sew!

Cindie said...

I can't wait to see what you create at the machine. I want to fit more sewing in my life but I seem to run out of hours in my days.

R. Delight said...

Hi Cindie! Thanks for the comment. I know exactly what you mean about finding time. One of the nice things about sewing is that it can be modular. I am hoping to be able to snip away at it. We shall see. If I don't want to be running around naked, I will definitely need to make the time!