Monday, April 8, 2013

Making Progress

Amy Butler "Liverpool" tunic top in progress
I have been getting little bits of sewing in here and there. I just have the sleeves, buttons and button holes, and the hem to do. I modified this pattern by moving the bust dart quite a while ago. I was basically just guessing on where it would fall on me, well more like an educated guess. I was pretty close. Close enough that I will continue with the top and finish it but I will modify the pattern again and get the darts just right.
I tried it on and the fit is OK but I had a huge realization, this style would have suited me better about ten years ago. Funny how that works. My tastes have changed and it took sewing this up to realize that. I am in for a long journey here. The top ties in the back and I don't like the collar. It looks too little girly on me. I have to add here, I am 5'2" and just about to turn 51. I don't want to look like a little girl.
I like the fabric which is an embroidered cotton. It may have a little rayon in there too as it is somewhat drapy and medium weight.
I am thinking I will eliminate the ties and change the collar and see if I can make the top look a little less girly on me. I probably will just move on.
This is going to take a bit of experimenting and searching until I find the styles I like and that look flattering on me. I will take a pic with me in the top when I am finished.
When I finished design school in 1992, the internet was just getting started and wasn't really mainstream yet. I was pretty burned out on sewing and pretty much put it aside. This weekend I spent some time looking around the blogosphere and boy how things have changed! As I suspected, there are plenty of wonderful blogs that explain the things I have mentioned and will be mentioning here. I like couture techniques and will be incorporating them in the garments I make. The ones that fit my lifestyle and taste.
Hmmm lifestyle, that will be a challenge as it is pretty rough hewn. Well, why shouldn't I have lovely hand sewn painting clothes? I am anticipating a lot of fun making clothes to wear for performing in with the band.
I went to our local library and browsed the new non-fiction section (usually my first stop) and I found the following sewing book:
Yep, times have changed since I last looked around in the sewing arena. I love all the changes. It is fun to see all the wonderful garments people are making these days. I really had no idea.
The book is pretty nice, well written, and the instructions seem easy to follow. I didn't find anything new for me but if you like vintage and couture techniques, this seems like a good one. I am not into vintage so much as the designs look deadly on me. The book also came with a packet of patterns which I didn't even notice when I checked it out.
I am not sure if I am going to copy any of them but I will take a look just in case!
That is all for the moment. I will keep working away and post the finished garment next.


Theresa said...

Well, I think your top looks great and removing the ties will sure to make more appropriate for anyone over 25. :)

Let me know what you think of Gertie's book. Mary and I looked at it in Bloomsbury and both of us disappointed in their sewn examples. The hem on one looked awful, the fit on another..very poor. It is almost impossible to find good, inspiring books for advanced sewists. Some of the older and out of print Lois and Diane Ericson books might be inspiring for things like interesting closures and such.

R. Delight said...

Hi Theresa! Thanks for your input on the book. I have only just skimmed it but I believe I will take a closer look now with the points you made in mind. I agree about the Ericson books and in fact, I own one or two. I also have some classic couture technique books I got back in the early 1990's. I do like couture techniques. In my opinion it is one of the many things that the home sewist can do to set their garments far above the poor rags they sell in the store, even the so called designer ones. Boy am I rusty though! I will do a follow-up post on the book.

Anonymous said...

I like your top too, but the whole what-looks-good-on-me-now? question is one I also grapple with. After going several years in very dull clothing with some weight fluctuations besides, I'm not sure what I should be looking for. Most women's fashions these days are way too drapey and revealing for me, besides they are, as you say, very poorly made.

R. Delight said...

Dana, it is a challenge isn't it? There seems to be two extremes, either tents or what I call hooker wear. I wish more women would get tired of being dressed as prostitutes by our culture. I don't mind looking nice but I want to be comfortable too.