Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Beginning

At the beginning
ARRRGH! I need another blog like I need a hole in my head! I am almost embarrassed to admit that this blog makes...four. Okay, my ReneeWeaves! blog is in mothballs and I plan to link that blog to this one. My Coastal Vegan blog has very few posts but I will be adding to that soon. My main blog, my art blog at Art=Life is still going strong and will continue to do so.
I have basically decided to blog my life, in three parts. This blog is all about crafting something for me to wear and sharing the skills to do so therefore, rolling up my sleeves, let's get to it.
So here I am above. I took this picture this very afternoon. I would love to say that I am wearing my paint clothes here. Well, actually I am but they are also my every day clothes. Yep, jeans, long sleeved v-neck tee and a fleece vest from the thrift store.  This is basically my uniform at the moment. I will be talking about the concept of a uniform later.
Looking at this picture, I bet you would never know that I actually have a BA in apparel design! Yep, I do. Graduated with honors no less!
I am standing next to a My Twin dressform I made about 20 years ago. I am not much heavier than I was back then but things have definitely changed shape and have been redistributed. The padding you see on the dressform was a quick fix I stuck on about two years ago. She definitely needs a lift. Ignore the paintings, brushes, easel and such behind me. That is all on my art blog.
So, what has pushed me over the edge to the point that I would start yet another blog and project? Besides the lack of clothing to wear? 
I will be brief, I got inspired.  The following inspirations are not in any particular order.
  • Inspiration #1: my friend and fellow fiber enthusiast Theresa over at Camp Runamuck. I am always oooing and ahhing over her many completed and well executed sewing projects. I hope you read this Theresa! You are one of my inspirations and I am finally going public so I can do something about my own sad and scanty wardrobe.
  • Inspiration #2: Anita Mayer. (link to YouTube video preview) Anita has long been my secret mentor. I was privileged to live in the same area as Anita for many years and took several workshops and occasionally ran into her while shopping at the local food Co-op. She has books, I found a new video (see link above), and I believe may still give workshops. If you are ever so lucky as to have the opportunity to take a workshop from her, do so. 
  • Inspiration #3: Fibershed.  Holy moly, I love this concept. Take time to explore this site. To be truthful this was the catalyst that made my head explode with this idea. I don't know if I will be able to find all I need in such an isolated area as I live but I am going to try.
Finally here is what I bring to the table and what I hope to share, besides a new wardrobe.
I know how to sew and tailor of course BUT I also know how to drape a pattern to make an original design. I can also do pattern making, that is flat-pattern making, but I really prefer draping. There are tutorials out there, this will be mine. 
I have many books and resources to share, not to mention enthusiasm and love of beauty. I also weave, spin, and dye but not as much as I used to.
I have quite a wardrobe that needs to be built in order to meet my daily life needs. I will get into that on another post.

I will soon be 51 years old. It is about time I had something nice to wear, don't you think?

Much more to come!



Theresa said...

You certainly should have a few nice things to wear, no matter what your age! And there are so many options for you. I sew because I do enjoy it, but also, with my fluffy figure and short troll like stature, it is hard to find clothes that fit and flatter. The ones I do find are far too costly. I'm so excited to see you blogging this Renee and happy I provided some small measure of inspiration! Now, get sewing! ;)

R. Delight said...

Well Theresa, I have some of the same problems. Being on the small side, many clothes make me look like a hobbit and I have some of the same problems with fit. The beautiful things I like are waaay too expensive. I choke at $85 for basically a t-shirt even if it is ethically produced from organic fibers and prayed over, or whatever they add to it.
The next few posts will be about gathering designs, gotta know what I am going to sew, going through my box of patterns, cleaning my sewing machine, etc. but I will be up and sewing in a week. The draping lessons will start when I am back in the sewing groove! Thanks for your input as always. I really do find your sewing inspiring and you play a large role in getting me back to it.

Theresa said...

Renee, We all choke at the $85.00 t-shirt, no matter who's blessed it. ;) There are a ton of newish indie pattern designers out there with some really interesting and fun patterns. Here's a listing for you of many of them.

Now, I can hardly wait for those draping lessons!!!Something I have not fooled with much at all.

R. Delight said...

Oh Wow! Thanks for the motherload of indie patterns. That was just starting up when I broke off sewing. Once I get back in touch with sewing, it has been years, I will start in on the draping. I love draping because it is immediate and visual. Flat pattern drives me crazy but it is necessary too. I think you will like draping as you definitely have the pattern skills to work with it.